the essential steps to starting your business in switzerland

You made the decision to become an entrepreneur. Congratulations! This is the beginning of a life changing experience.

While on paper, setting up a company may seem simple, in reality, there are many regulations and obligations governing the launch of a business in Switzerland.

We have created this site to help you see things more clearly to start your life as a successful Swiss entrepreneur.

1. The administrative creation of your company

In Switzerland, depending on the size of the company you are going to set up and the structure that you choose; financial requirements and personal responsibilities can differ widely.

Two important steps are involved: the public notary and the bank (without an bank account in Switzerland, there is very little chance that you can create your business).

2. Human Resources and staff

Whether you are alone at the start of your business or planning to hire staff, as an entrepreneur, you have a number of obligations, particularly in terms of social insurance and payroll management.

Cantonal differences, tax at source, permits, work with self-employed; there are many things to know.

3. Insurance and taxes

In addition to being a country with many business opportunities, Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in Europe to start a business. The government has indeed implemented a legal framework that promotes business with a much more favorable tax system than elsewhere.

However, this does not exempt a number of federal and cantonal requirements that are important to understand in order to make the right decisions and reap the full benefits.

More than one new business out of 10 disappears after 1 year

The average survival rate of 86% varies by industry and company size. 

Those having at least 5 employees are more resistant.


Source : Cantonal Statistics Office


Average survival rate

Have you set all the details and answered all your questions?

Congratulations! It’s time to celebrate with champagne! Your business is launched and you are now part of the big family of Swiss entrepreneurs.

We wish you a healthy growth.

Do you still have questions?

Some topics still seem vague and some uncertainties remain to start your business in Switzerland?

You can continue to visit our website to know more about the important steps to create your business in Switzerland.

Who will assist to incorporate the company?

When do we need to contact the bank to pay-in the shareholders funds?

How to pay-in the funds for the capital?

If we hire staff; what are our obligations?

Do we need insurance coverage?

What about corporate taxes?

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