staff information

Depending on the number of staff you will be employing it might be important to create an employee handbook. Here is a hint of what needs to be covered.

Employee handbook

. Description of your company, the workplace politics

. Mission

. Strategy

. Value, why would someone choose to work for your company

. Staff rules

In order to facilitate the implementation of a staff handbook, Synergix can help and provide templates you can adapt to your needs.

Staff expenses

In order to make sure you won’t have any issues with the Tax authorities when it comes to travel reimbursement & subsidy expenses when staff are travelling, we suggest you consider (in Geneva) the rules created by FER-CIAM which have been accepted by the Geneva Tax authorities.

Download accepted rules by Tax authorities

Please bear in mind this is cantonal and not all Cantons have the flexibility to accept the rules set. Depending on the situation you will have to obtain a cantonal ruling from each Canton where your staff is domiciled.

Representation fees

If you employ high level employees, who earn a substantial salary (Geneva > CHF 150,000) and have representation obligations for your company, you might be able to consider paying representation allowances. These obey to specific cantonal tax rules. In most Cantons you will have to apply for a tax ruling. Synergix SA will be able to help you on the matter.

AVS, LPP, LAA… Social security is another important part of staff management.

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